The best way for local utilities to offload their surplus!

Speqtiv is laser focused on utilities. You have equipment laying around your yards collecting dust because you don’t know how to get rid of it. Your utility spent a lot of money on this gear and you either no longer need it or bought too many. How do you get rid of it and free of the value to use elsewhere in the organization. Let us sell it for you.

The easiest and best place to list your surplus assets in a convenient, and easy-to-use online auction service for electrical, gas, sewer and water directly to other utilities and private organization. Sure, you could use other auction sites, however your surplus is a very unique and a small group of interested buyers. How will anyone know you have it for sale.

Our goal is get your surplus inventory sold as quick as possible for the best value to both the buyer and seller.

Established: 2012 | Headquarters: Bothell, WA

Sell anything!

You can sell ANYTHING on Speqtiv! Some frequent items sold include transformers, Boom Trucks, valves, culverts, tools, IT equipment, kitchen equipment, and furniture.

Bidding is open to the public. You may be surprised how much they’ll spend and how far they’ll come! Have a lot or just a little? There are no limits for how much you can sell. Just think of all the free space you’ll have in the shop and yard!

Full service!

We get it! These items have been sitting in the yards for months, years, and maybe even a decade. We take the pain out of listing and selling. Just fill out a quick form, send us a bunch of pictures from your smartphone, and we will take it from there. We create the ad, list the item, research the specifics, find documentation, and then inform our network of utilities weekly of new items. When there is an interested buyer we communicate and answer the questions, you’re busy we get you don’t want to answer the same questions 5 times. Once the item sells, we will coordinate with the buyer to get the item transferred once payment has cleared.